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Consulting and Advisory Services

Consulting and Advisory Services

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  • Strategic planning consultation to help clarify issues facing your company and help you define mid- and long-term solutions that will maximize opportunities and increase shareholder value.
  • Financial revitalization services that work with your creditors, employees, suppliers and customers to let your company operate without excessive debt, and continue to serve customers and retain employees.
  • Business process improvement services pinpoint and eliminate outdated processes and controls that require too many people or too much time. Both situations will ultimately destroy profitability.
  • Strategic sourcing services focus on improving the processes and methods for finding and using vendors. These services can help lower inventory levels, reduce material costs and substantially lower the internal soft dollar costs of the material acquisition process.
  • Lean accounting services help companies that have made the lean transformation look at costs, profitability and other key metrics with a method that is totally different from traditional accounting and financial reporting.
  • Best practice benchmarking allows you to compare your company's historical results against a wide range of similar-sized companies in your industry that are using the same manufacturing controls and processes. The goal is to discover potential areas of financial and operational opportunity.