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Technology Consulting Services

Technology Consulting Services

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Clifton Gunderson's technology consultants provide information, support, hardware, software and training to help you make effective technology decisions. Our full range of services in this area includes–

  • Long term planning of your technology will allow you to identify and support key business objectives. When planned correctly, your technology base can expand as needed and still utilize the same software, communications and hardware platforms.
  • Assistance in the selection and implementation of the best application software and hardware including ERP, WMS, and an assortment of inventory, engineering and other specialized applications.
  • Optimal design of networks to assure adequate communication and processing speed.
  • Oversight of software, hardware and communications installation to assure you are getting the best possible configuration to support your business.
  • Effective design and implementation of e-business and Internet applications to create new sales and distribution channels.
  • Selection and implementation of specialized third party shop floor applications like bar coding and RFID to increase accuracy and productivity.

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