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Special District Management

Special District Management

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Clifton Gunderson provides comprehensive financial, management and consulting services to special districts and other governmental entities in the Rocky Mountain region. Combining comprehensive financial services with in-depth district management capabilities, we provide clients with a single source for special district services. With an emphasis on local service, Clifton Gunderson has built a reputation with developers, homeowners, consultants and others associated with the creation, operation and dissolution of special districts.

Depth and expertise are the key advantages of working with Clifton Gunderson. We understand the challenges facing public development at all levels of government, and our unique insights are regularly sought by special district service providers. You can count on–

  • More than 35 years of experience and focus on public sector services
  • More than 50 dedicated professionals
  • A skilled team of CPAs, financial experts, management consultants and staff members

Beyond traditional accounting and reporting, analyses, forecasting and consulting, our value-added services are tailored to meet your specific needs. The Clifton Gunderson team can assist with your district's initial formation, the issuance of tax-exempt bonds, the construction of public improvements, debt management, revenue projections, alternate financing options, and ongoing operations and maintenance.

Our professional staff provides accounting, financial services and management consulting to hundreds of governmental entities, including–

  • Metropolitan Districts
  • Water and Sanitation Districts
  • Parks and Recreational Districts
  • Fire Protection Districts
  • Transportation Districts
  • Business Improvement Districts (BID)
  • General Improvement Districts (GID)
  • Special Improvement Districts (SID)
  • Local Improvement Districts (LID)
  • Public Improvement Corporations (PIC)
  • City, Town and County governments
  • Building and Financing Authorities

All of these entities come to Clifton Gunderson seeking a team known for competence, expertise and the ability to complete projects in a timely manner.