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Debt Management

Debt Management

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The issuing of bond indebtedness requires the timely oversight and management of principal and interest payments. It is also important to properly account for provisions for debt reserves, letter of credit enhancements and other related securities. Clifton Gunderson SDS has successfully served as the stewards of more than $2 billion in debt instruments.

In addition to mandatory redemption of principal on your district's bonds, we monitor for required extraordinary redemption provisions and ensure compliance. We seek to optimize your district's financial interests through sound and knowledgeable recommendations, including the exercising of early redemption call provisions. We can also ensure that secondary market bond continuing disclosure reporting is completed in an accurate and timely manner in order to comply with provisions required by bond indentures and trust agreements.

In addition, we can track your district's investment earnings for arbitrage monitoring purposes related to IRS rules and regulations.