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Forecasting and Projections

Forecasting and Projections

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Special district financing is complex and multifaceted. You need an accounting firm with expertise and knowledge in bond structures, legal documents, credit enhancements and guarantees, covenants and sensitivity analyses. Clifton Gunderson SDS completes forecasts to help districts issue hundreds of millions of dollars in bonds every year.

We are familiar with all types of financing vehicles, including General Obligation Bonds, Revenue Bonds, Certificates of Participation, and loans from the Colorado Water Resources and Power Development Authority that can be used to construct public improvements or repay developer advances.

The main revenue source for the repayment of your bonds is generally property taxes. When this is the case, the cornerstone of your forecast is an analysis of the future assessed valuation in your district. We have the expertise to review and analyze the reasonableness of build-out schedules and the associated market values. We are also familiar with alternative revenue streams, including public improvement fees and development fees.

After bonds are issued, Clifton Gunderson SDS can assist in managing your district's on-going ability to repay its obligations and fund district operations. We do this by preparing periodic financial projections with updated assessed valuation information. Our experts call upon extensive knowledge of valuation methods and longstanding relationships with County Assessors throughout the state. Periodic financial projections provide guidance to maintain the fiscal health and sustainability of your district.