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TABOR Consulting

TABOR Consulting

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Colorado's Taxpayer's Bill of Rights (TABOR) is a prime consideration in the formation and operation of special districts. Clifton Gunderson SDS has been involved with the interpretation of TABOR from its inception. Working within the TABOR framework for more than 15 years, Clifton Gunderson SDS provides compliance advice and solutions that maximize revenues within the boundaries of the law.

Our experience and independent perspective reveal opportunities where others only see restrictions. Our team has aided government officials, attorneys and other CPAs in implementing the complicated formulas and interpreting the calculations. We have also provided successful expert testimony in court cases involving TABOR disputes.

TABOR consulting services include–

  • Detailed analysis of TABOR provisions
  • Review and explanation of compliance issues
  • Measurement of impact on general revenues
  • Analysis and projections for citizen referenda
  • Expert consulting with legal counsel
  • Determination of enterprise status eligibility