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Valuation and Forensic Services

Valuation and Forensic Services

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Clifton Gunderson's Valuation and Forensic Services Group provides objective, insightful, supportable valuation opinions, forensic accounting and expert opinions. Our valuation and forensic accounting consultants are nationally known experts in their fields, with years of expertise in virtually all industries including (but not limited to), construction, consumer products manufacturing, distribution, financial institutions, health care, industrial manufacturing, life sciences (biotech, pharmaceutical, medical devices), technology and telecommunications.

What should a company look for in a valuation, forensic accounting or expert opinion consultant?

  • Objectivity– To impart an unbiased, balanced point of view.
  • Insight– To understand your business and the market in which you operate.
  • Supportability– To pass the scrutiny of your auditors, the IRS, the SEC and courts of law.