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Financial Reporting and Compliance

Financial Reporting and Compliance

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As accounting and valuation converge, fair value measurement continues to evolve as a critical issue in today's financial reporting environment. FASB's issuance of ASC 820 Fair Value Measurements and Disclosures & 825 Financial Instruments, as well as the issuance of ASC 805 Business Combinations, further demonstrate the need for objective and supportable fair value measurement expertise. Our fair value specialists serve as trusted advisors to finance professionals, providing insightful consulting and compliance solutions.

Business Combinations (ASC 805)– The volume and complexity of mergers has grown, making the identification and valuation of tangible and intangible assets more important than ever. We help purchasers determine the fair value of acquired assets.

Impairment testing (ASC 350 Intangibles, Goodwill, and Other & ASC 360 Property, Plant and Equipment)– ASC 350 requires that goodwill and indefinite lived assets be reviewed annually to determine whether their value has been impaired. In addition, certain events could trigger the need for long-lived assets to be tested for impairment under ACS 360. Our experience with ASC 350 and ASC 360 helps assure an objective, supportable valuation opinion.

Fair value option for financial assets and liabilities (ASC 825)– ASC 825 gives companies the option to account for certain assets and liabilities at their fair value. We can assist companies in that decision by providing valuation consulting and analysis.

Share-based compensation– For companies that compensate employees with equity instruments like shares or stock options, ASC 718 provides guidelines for the recognition of the fair value of the compensation expense, in the financial statements. Our consultants work with these guidelines to arrive at a valuation opinion that accurately reflects the fair value of the equity instrument.

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