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Issue 9

What Would You Do with a $25,000 Windfall?

Maybe you've received a bonus from work, or an inheritance from your favorite great aunt. The question now is what to do with the unexpected cash. Should you pay off that credit card account? Remodel the bathroom? Buy municipal bonds?

Give us a call before deciding what to do. We can help you choose an option that makes sense in the context of your larger financial goals.

If you're paying a high interest rate on a credit card balance, using your windfall to reduce or eliminate debt could be a great idea. But a variety of investment options are also worth considering. Directing the money into education or retirement accounts could pay off down the road, or you may simply want to add to your taxable investments. Even if markets have appeared stagnant recently, history has shown that a well-balanced portfolio, left untouched over the long term, will grow. Now could be a good time to revisit your overall investment plan to make sure you're on track to meet your goals.

Even if you haven't had a tidy sum fall into your lap, we can help you find ways to boost your savings and invest wisely. Our goal is to keep your assets working for you today so you can live just as comfortably tomorrow.

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